The Crosley Building

Dec 2016

Standing vacant for twenty years in the skyline of the Camp Washington neighborhood of Cincinnati, this ten story industrial building has been on my list of places to explore for some time now. The problem is pretty much any time over the past few years that I’ve made the trip to Cincy it was with other people and I never got the chance to check it out. So this week whilst burning some much overdue vacation time from work I randomly decided to point my car west and head that way solo. Over the years I’ve seen lots of photos of the interior and exterior of this place and much like with all massive art deco abandoned buildings, I fell in love with it immediately. Built in 1928 to house the headquarters of the Crosley Corporation, it was a state of the art facility at the time. The lower floors served as home to the manufacturing facilities for radios and other appliances while the top floors held a handful of broadcasting stations owned by the corporation. In 1960 the building was taken over by AVCO Electronics who continued to use it to make radios until 1970 when it was sold yet again. This past summer news broke that an Indianapolis based development firm was awarded $5 million in Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credits toward it’s planned $35 million conversion of the historic building into 238 apartments.