Welcome to Abandoned Appalachia

Here you will find photographs and horrid writing about my adventures. I don’t at all claim to be a great photographer and I definitely will never claim to be a writer of any sort. Hell, I can barely speak a coherent sentence let alone write one. I’m just a guy with a camera that wanders through the chunk of Appalachia that I reside in seeking out what people have long left behind.  


Well, I don’t honestly know how to answer that. I’m certainly more curious than intelligent. In this current world of status updates, friend requests, and cars that drive themselves, it’s nice to take a step back and be disconnected from everything. To get a glimpse of the world after humans, the point when nature starts to reclaim what was built upon it. I encountered my first abandoned building in the fall of 2000 at the age of 16. It was an old high school in a small town in southern West Virginia that I lived in at the time. There was just something about it that instantly hooked me. The joy of being in a space that people were not, that smell of rotting wood, mold, and dust. More about losing my bando virginity later though. Mainly, it’s getting a first hand look at history that you can never gain from any textbook or classroom. It has always meant so much to me to have the opportunity to wander through other peoples memories. 

This page will constantly be a work in progress. I will add content weekly if not more often. I have backdated a few articles that I had from an older blog to give a bit of a jumpstart. Enjoy.